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This page for random issues related to Gnome translation


The formate of translators_credits field is different from file to file, this is my proposal to unify it.

فريق عربآيز للترجمة https://www.arabeyes.org :\n
اسم المترجم\t<translator@foo.org>\n
مترجم آخر\t<another_one@foobar.org>

The "\t" (tap character) will add a "tap" after translators name, which will help aligning e-mails together to make it look better. The "\n" is (new line character) necessary to start new lines.

Add new translator to the end of the list.

Translators names in Arabic only, the English is not necessary.

  • Agreed. --جهاد 12:51, 21 أكتوبر 2007 (PDT)

Date and Time translation

gnome uses g-date-time-format to localize date and time. It uses special escape modifiers to translate date and time. Below you can find a table for conversion that you should use when translating to Arabic. But remember that some other placement changes and comma translation have to be made, i.e. from "%a %b %e, %l:%M:%S %p" to "%A، %Oe %Ob، %Ol:%OM:%OS %p".

Escape Translation Usage
 %a  %A Abbreviated weekday
 %A  %A Weekday
 %b  %b Abbreviated month name
 %B  %B Month Name
 %c  %c System date and time format
 %C  %OC Century
 %d  %Od Day of the month (01-31)
 %e  %Oe Day of the month (1-31)
 %F  %OY-%Om-%Od Date, untranlatable as a single unit
 %g  %Og Week based year within century
 %G  %OG Week based year
 %h  %h Same as %b
 %H  %OH Hour in 24 (00-23)
 %I  %OI Hour in 12 (01-12)
 %j  %Oj Day of the year (000-366)
 %k  %Ok Hour in 24 (0-23)
 %l  %Ol Hour in 12 (1-12)
 %m  %Om Month (01-12)
 %M  %OM Minute (00-59)
 %p  %p "AM" or "PM" in local ("ص" و "م")
 %P  %P "am" or "pm" in local ("ص" و "م")
 %r  %r 12-hour time
 %R  %OH:%OM 24-hour time, untranslatable as a single unit
 %s  %s Unix Time, untranslatable
 %S  %OS Seconds (00-60)
 %t  %t Tab character
 %T  %OH:%OM:%OS Time
 %u  %Ou Weekday number from Monday (1-7)
 %V  %OV Week number of the current year (01-53)
 %w  %Ow Weekday number from Sunday (0-6)
 %x  %x Date
 %X  %X Time
 %y  %Oy Year without century
 %Y  %OY Year
 %z  %z Time zone as an offset from UTC
 %Z  %Z Time zone name or abbreviation