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هذه الصفحة موجودة بالعربية تحت عنوان خطوط

Khotot project aims at increasing the number of available Arabic free and open source fonts.


Start date Feb 27, 2003
Maintainer خالد حسني
Contributors Afief Halumi :: khalid :: Fahad Al-Saidi :: Youssef‎
Status Active
Mailing list General
Version control


The goals of this project are:

  1. Create and/or salvage free and open TTF Arabic fonts.
  2. Create a central repository of all free and open source Arabic fonts (TTF and otherwise) in order to get them included into the various distributions.
  3. To better couple and artistically match Arabic fonts to their latin counterparts.



From the projects main page.


Below a list of our TODO items, feel free to contact the maintainer and to pick one.

  • Replace Latin glyphs with new free ones with better look. DONE
  • Proper support for Arabic diacritics. DONE
  • Kerning.
  • New license or dual licensing with GPL and OFL. DONE (GPL with font exception)
  • Fixed width (mono) font.
  • Font variants (Bold, Italic etc...)
  • More Unicode coverage for non-Arabic languages that use Arabic script.
  • A fontconfig settings file to get best results from our fonts under X.

Release schedule


  • Release date: 2nd half of August 2007. RELEASED
  • Goal: Fixing diacritics issues.


  • Release date: not determined yet.
  • Goals:
  1. Ligatures related issues.
  2. Making Arabic fonts more clear at small sizes
  3. Mono font


  • Release date: not determined yet.
  • Goals:
  1. More use of advanced OpenType features, like contextual substitution and recursive anchors.
  2. More Unicode coverage.


  • Release date: not determined yet.
  • Goal: building and designing Arabic fonts based on the traditional calligraphic typefaces, Naskh, Reqa'a, Thuluth, Farsi and Diwani. This might be the most challenging task and it'll take long time.

Resources and documents

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