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Mar 13, 2007: ArabicOpenCD

A mini-interview with ArabicOpenCD/CDmafooh's author.

In Al-Riyadh Daily Paper.

Aug 01, 2005: Linux in Government: Jordan - A Surprise in the Middle East

Coverage of Arabeyes' participation [info noted requires correction].

In Linux Journal.

Mar 16, 2005: Looking at Open Source Software through Arabeyes

Background coverage on Arabeyes via an interview.


Feb 15, 2005: Firefox challenges Internet Explorer's dominance

Coverage of Arabeyes' Mozilla Firefox translation effort [in Arabic].

In Asharq Al-Awsat Newspaper.

Jan 29, 2005: Freeing perspectives with local solutions... Arabeyes makes a dent

Coverage of Arabeyes' participation in the 'Asia Source' workshop in Bangalore, India.

In Tactical Technology Collective.

Jan 09, 2005: Arabs Prove They Can Produce and Not Simply Consume

An interview with Arabeyes' coordinator.

In Al-Riyadh Daily Paper.

Dec 09, 2004: A Free Dictionary for all the World's languages

Coverage of Arabeyes Wordlist and QaMoose projects

In ITP Technology.

Oct 14, 2004: Happy birthday Open Office!

Coverage of the Arabisation of OpenOffice

In ITP Technology.

May 06, 2004: Tux goes to Egypt

Notes Arabeyes

In Arabian Computer News.

Mar 15, 2004: All Eyes on Arabeyes

A cover feature on Arabeyes

In IT Republic.

Feb 26, 2004: A Global Survey of Linux Distributions

Notes Arabeyes.

In O'Reilly Linux Dev Center.

Jan 15, 2004: The World's First Arabic Linux Live-CD

Coverage of the world's first Arabic Live CD distribution - Arabbix

In Linux Magazine.

Dec 01, 2003: Live-CD fur die Arabische Welt

(Live-CD for the Arabic World) Praises the efforts done by the Arabeyes project into releasing a CD (Arabbix) which localizes software and contains a rich collection of fonts: "It is the first Linux Live CD in Arabic" [in German].

In Linux Magazin.

Oct 28, 2003: Show Business

Gitex 2003 coverage

In Arabian Computer News.

Oct 20, 2003: Arabeyes pushes Linux with Saudi LUG

Coverage of Arabeyes at Gitex Dubai 2003

In Gitex Times.

Aug 31, 2003: Opening up to Linux

Notes Arabeyes

In Arabian Computer News.

Aug 24, 2003: playing key role in Arabising Linux software

Interview with an Arabeyes manager

In Gulf News.

Jul 30, 2003: Arabeyes celebrates 2nd anniversary with IRC 'party'

Coverage of Arabeyes' Evolution Party

In NewsForge.

Jul 08, 2003: Arabeyes Arabises apps

Notes Arabeyes' arabization efforts

In Arabian Computer News.

Jan 16, 2003: Linux Enterprise Ready

Arabeyes Commentary

In Arabian Computer News.

Jan 15, 2003: Lack of awareness holds back Linux

Arabeyes' exclusive comments

In Arabian Computer News.

Dec 24, 2002: Advocating Linux and Open Source in Amman, Jordan

Coverage of OSS meeting in Jordan

In NewsForge.

Dec 11, 2002: Jordan... hosts Open Source Software workshop

Arabeyes presents at workshop

In AME Info.

Nov 16, 2002: Linux Tech Analysis

Notes Arabeyes

In Network Middle East.

Aug 01, 2002: Linux Arabization - The Open Source Way

Notes Arabeyes arabization efforts

In The Star.

Jul 18, 2002: The Penguin catches on in the Middle East

Notes Arabeyes

In The Star.

Jul 13, 2002: Pushing The Penguin

Notes Arabeyes efforts

In Arabian Computer News.

May 17, 2002: Dr. AbdulRahman (Saudi LUG) notes Arabeyes during an interview

Notes Arabeyes

In Abu Dhabi TV (Click Program).

May 11, 2002: Arabeyes evangelizes the virtues of Linux

Notes a link to

In Al-Jazeera Satellite TV.

Jan 27, 2002: Looking for Linux

Notes Arabeyes

In Arabian Computer News.

Jan 16, 2002: Arabeyes turn to open source software

Notes Arabeyes

In Arabian Computer News.