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هذه الصفحة موجودة بالعربية تحت عنوان علل معلقة

These are the well-known open bugs (or limitations) related to Arabic in the current generation of GNU/Linux software. It's meant to serve as a one-stop location to check before filing a bug to reduce duplication. This document will be updated regularly. This is the least I can do for the good of our community.



ID Summary vote
40664 hebrew and right to left paragraphs and bulltes (vote)
41410 Arabic url address bar no popup (vote)
42578 Parentheses in RTL text (hebrew, arabic) (vote)
46210 i18n, bidi: Support for RLM/LRM in HTML pages. (vote)
47171 Mixed Hebrew & Lattin text in the same paragraph - no user control over ordering (vote)
47528 commented out meta element is read instead of the not commented out one (vote)
47682 HTML 4 SGML Entities don't all work (vote)
59029 Rightly alignd hebrew paragraphs in HTML export dose not posses dir=rtl argument (vote)
61265 Right to left didn't implement yet (vote)
63351 text-indent in Hebrew HTML pages moves right instead of left (vote)
65551 wrong Arabic display under kdict (vote)
70400 New tabbing widget does not have scrolling buttons in RTL mode (vote)
70414 New tabbing widget overflows to the right in RTL mode (vote)
73673 Reversed Arabic Letter in the plot window (vote)
74190 Console Unicode support not 100% there (vote)
79042 Shares with Arabic filenames don't behave properly (vote)
79682 When searching for words in msgstr there should be an option to ignore some characters (vote)
79862 Arabic-Indic digits (U+660 - U+669) are not recognizedas ... (vote)
83278 If I cut -b1 arabic_file in konsole, the output displayed in screen is not correct (vote)
84285 Arabic filenames with extenstions doesn't dispaly properly in konqueror (vote)
84606 kxkb group switching using just the Right Win doesn't work (+ugly workaround HOWTO) (vote)
135965 right to left arabic writing with accelerator symbol &: duplication of the first arabic character after the & (vote)



Gnome bugs related to Arabic: From Gnome's bugzilla

Feel free to work on any of them. Of particular interest and higher priority are:

ID Summary Status/Resolution Assigned to
78921 right alignment of file names for Arabic INCOMPLETE
94665 TO write in Arabic you need to hold ALT WONTFIX
110896 Add unshaping of presentation forms to arabic-fc.c WONTFIX
103938 feature request: better handling of invalid combinations NEW
135753 Improve Arabic mark positioning WONTFIX
136529 Auto direction code should not respect keyboard layout anymore NEW
137082 Gui bug when switching to Arabic locale (rtl) INCOMPLETE
137084 gui bug when switching to Arabic locale FIXED
148732 cursor movement is not correct in gedit when I type Arabic text. NEW
153546 arabic shaping is not done when glyphs come from different fonts WONTFIX
350132 backspacing doesn't work properly for Arabic UNCONFIRMED
361766 Cursor is positioned where it shouldn't UNCONFIRMED
342659 Arabic characters are disjointed in Evolution the message body UNCONFIRMED
350610 Unicode Bidirectional types and functions WONTFIX
306749 Automatic paragraph direction detection algorithm needed UNCONFIRMED

This section is maintained by Djihed.


Xfce logo.png

ID Summary
4285 Changing selection with keyboard arrows is reversed in a right-to-left environment
4286 Tasks are viewed from left to right in right-to-left environments



ID Summary


ID Summary
16242 When setting a paragraph style, there is no preview of the hebrew/arabic
16295 directionality lost when exporting a presentation to text
17624 Arabic Tashkeel (a.k.a. Diactric) bug : ZWSP characters are given spaces!
18024 Direction of weak characters: A new method for dealing with text direction without using keyboard layout
22396 Can't Use both Hindi and Arabic Numerals
23041 Arabic Character Rotation Does Not Work (trl text in ltr par
23627 headings centered in arabic OOo version
27174 Immitating eLaTex L2R/R2L parenthesis, to bound L2R text
28203 error in justified Arabic text
30518 brochure printing is always LTR, even when locale/document are RTL
30631 R2L enabled controls
32179 parenthesis are revesersed when they have arabic text in between in the dialog boxes
32289 Arabic shaping/joinging is broken after a dot or a floating point in the dialog boxes
34139 Gaps between Arabic letters that should be joined
34141 Extra horizontal lines added after Arabic letters



ID Summary
1079 Arabic is not supported in Scribus yet...



ID Summary vote
96057 Paragraph directionality control UI in Composer ... (vote)
135272 columns content doesn't flip when setting the UI aligned ... (vote)
312436 Arabic characters with accelerators aren't shaped (vote)
140636 menu items are not aligned on the same line when UI align... (vote)
140759 trees are not aligned to the right when UI direction is r... (vote)
140763 toolbar is offset by a pixel when UI aligned to the right (vote)
157967 Make Gecko interoperate better with advanced typography s... (vote)
180112 Arabic combining diacritical marks are rendered separatel... (vote)
192644 Arabic/Hebrew/Thai/Chinese translation of (vote)
206008 needs control on the number of unread messages in newsgroups (vote)
206010 print preview doesn't take bidi (vote)
213727 html and plain text domains prefs box should stay LTR whe... (vote)
213738 URLs and Fields columns should be LTR when UI is right to... (vote)
213742 name should remain LTR even when the... (vote)
98157 Caret does not have bidi marker in certain dialog boxes (vote)
154632 Text in SELECT widgets with dir=rtl overlaps the... (vote)
177508 ALT-key / underlined keyboard shortcuts... (vote)
265030 Arabic support for Universal (All) Autodetect (vote)
297790 checkbox and bullets appear on wrong side... (vote)
347502 Inconsistent wrong bidi direction in tab titles (vote)
347514 Wrong placement of tab drop indicator in RTL... (vote)



ID Summary
1338 smbclient -L netbiosname doesn't display the Arabic shares folder names...


ID Summary
181 seven bugs as a package.



ID Summary vote
86235 typing Arabic after English let them overlap each other (vote)

See also: Qtbugs



ID Summary vote
9596 The "Use Unicode by default" option should be automatically checked in case of Arabic (vote)



ID Summary

ID Summary
8195 Ligatures problem in Arabic keyboard layout
2981 RtL select, copy/paste and search support for Arabic and Hebrew scripts


ID Summary
1447640 Support for Arabic language
1078540 aMSN does not support arabic !!
562487 Doesn't accept
929683 suport in hebrew- verry simple ajustment
1487577 RTL - BIDI support


ID Summary
2016785 RTL only on the titles


ID Summary
264 Arabic fonts ...


ID Summary
1928914 rtl strings displayed backwards
1625446 Right to Left Problem


ID Summary
1440618 bidi support (fribidi)


ID Summary
2086907 Arabic support (BiDi)


ID Summary
7182 Arabic letters not positioned correctly
10292 Arabic characters are not displayed correctly
7571 Accented character glyphs are mixed up with TrueType fonts (affects e.g. Lotus Notes R5)
3992 arabic (and probably other RTL languages) dont render correctly in Notepad
7150 Implement Arabic shaping
609 Add BiDi support - meta bug